New PPE Guidance and Recommendation Updates By the CDC

This is a PPE guidance update from The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. This is primarily for healthcare workers who care for suspected and confirmed Ebola patients. The original October 2014 recommendations lacked clarity in regards to fluid resistant gowns, coveralls, and respiratory protection. The August 27th release hopes to remedy earlier procedures and roles for donning and doffing PPE completely. Stable persons under investigation for Ebola have all new updated guidance and procedures and can be found at

Confirmed Ebola patient guidance and procedures can be accessed at:

Guidelines and recommendations for the safe transporting of Ebola patients by EMS are presently being developed for release in the near future.

Staten Island Auto Insurance Rates Sour For Teens

We live in a world where teens are literally gouged in the pocketbook just to get decent auto insurance coverage, especially in Staten Island where rates are through the roof for teens and young adults. Teenagers who live with their parents increase the cost of car insurance for the whole household.

In these trying times it’s good to know that there are some honest brokers out there who fight everyday to get reasonable rate auto coverage for these young people. Only the best Staten Island auto insurance agencies will go the extra mile to get teens a proper and comprehensive policy at a fair price. Go here to check out thisĀ Staten Island Auto Insurance Brokers video.

Teen driving comes with autonomy, liberty along with a lot of stressing. Collectively with Staten Island Automobile Insurance Agents, it is possible to help to keep your youthful driver safe. Each state have a special group of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws which are made to help slowly develop adolescents ‘ assurance on the highway. Applying and understanding these laws, along with creating some rules of your own, will help ensure your youthful motorist makes intelligent choices.

Important info to consider:

When your adolescent has a learner’s permit and managing a car accident

When your adolescent is able to begin driving alone

Finding out the best way to drive more intelligent with games that are educational

Save Well On Young Driver Car Insurance

Insuring your youthful motorist may be cheaper than you believe. Staten Island Automobile Insurance Agents provides several teen driving reductions that will allow you to lower your car insurance premium

Whether you choose to add your teenager to your own policy or go having another individual coverage, we are here to make the transition from students permit to motorists license as smooth as you possibly can.

Pros that are potential

Expand your kid your coverage choices: It’s possible for you to customize your adolescent’s auto – shielding coverage, like crash and complete, in case you are adding a vehicle.
Qualify for the Multi- Auto reduction : Staten Island Automobile Insurance Agents customers who insure greater than one vehicle on the exact same coverage may be eligible for the cash -saving Multi Car reduction.
Share your hard-won coverage perks: And your driving record that is clean can perform the exact same

Potential convicts

Increased auto insurance premium: And adding more danger …